A certified lice prevention specialist will begin checking the head for any signs that nits (eggs) and/or lice are present. We then will discuss our findings with you to make sure that you are aware of the results and will obtain your consent to treat if nits or lice were found. We will then detangle the hair in a gentle fashion with all natural products. You or your child's hair will be combed thoroughly with a lice and nit designed comb by a Shepherd Institute certified technician.  This process will take the longest as we will make certain that all signs of lice are removed. We will examine you or your child's hair under a 100x magnified light (in the Cumming salon, not available mobile) to verify all nits and lice were removed prior to drying the hair before we say goodbye. 


We will make sure of the following:

Your child will NOT leave our clinic in pain

Your child will NOT be scared of the environment during our treatment

Your child will NOT be treated with heat that causes unnecessary pain

Your child WILL be lice free when he or she leaves our facility

Your child WILL enjoy watching their favorite television show during the treatment

Your child may have been embarrassed before the treatment, but WILL not be after the treatment

Your child WILL be able to return to school, camp, or daycare after the treatment

You WILL be satisfied, you WILL be relieved, and you WILL NOT regret that you chose us for the treatment