Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is heat used in your treatment?

A: No, our technique is actually removing the lice in a manner that does not hurt you or your child. Lice dehydrate and   

    begin dying as soon as they are removed from the head, so an additional treatment with heat, which can burn the

    scalp, is not necessary. Georgia Lice Center feels that heat is an extremely aggressive treatment that causes

    unnecessary pain.

Q: Why should I choose Georgia Lice Center over another clinic:

A: Georgia Lice Centers are certified by The Shepherd Institute to begin with. We use the most effective method which

     is manually removing all nits and lice, while using all natural products that are not harmful and certainly do not

     contain pesticides that can soak into the scalp. We also will check our work under a microscope, light, and/or

     magnifying glass (in the Cumming salon) to assure that all objects have been removed. 

Q: How long does the treatment take?

A: Approximately one hour, but short hair such as a male can take less and a female with long or very thick hair can take

    more time. Typically it takes 30-45 minutes for a male and approximately 1.5 hours for a female. 

Q: How much do the products cost and are they needed?

A: We sell products ranging from $5.99-$49.99. 

Q: Why does our treatment seem expensive?

A: Most over the counter kits cost between $25.00-$100, but some require two treatments. These products do not provide

     a guarantee. Lice have developed a resistance to most chemicals and over-the-counter products. They also recommend            that you check the head everyday for a minimum of two weeks. Leaving our facility with a peace of mind=priceless! Our              prices are cheaper than most of our competitors. 

Q: How do I check for lice?

A: Examine all over the head under a bright light and/or a magnifying glass in different sections for at least 15 minutes.

    If the hair is blonde or thick, you may need to wet the head and spend a longer time examining. 

Q: Are your products safe?

A: Yes. We use all natural products that will not damage your hair or scalp. Over the counter medicines are insecticides

    and can be absorbed through the skin so please keep this mind when making  your decision to treat at home or call us. 

Q: Who can get head lice?

A: Anyone. Most recent studies show that approximately 1 out of every 20 people have lice. There is more than twelve

    million infestations in the US per year of children 3-11 years of age. Only half of head lice infestations occur in children.

Q: Will you inform school that my child has lice?

A: No. But we will print a school appropriate letter for you at time of treatment. This letter is usually considered an unexcused         absence by the school. 

Q: If lice is found on my child/children, should everyone in the home be checked?

A: Yes. It is always safer to have all parties in the household checked, but only the parties that have any signs of lice would  

    need to be treated. We do provide a discount on checking or treating the entire household.